This is not my professional CV.. just a number of {projects/products} that I have {created/had a major role in the creation of} and are worth mentioning..

learn, teach, discover classes and new interesting things learn

learn, teach, discover classes and new interesting things learn is a "Yelp"-ish service for finding tutors, classes and anything you may want to learn! (In Greek - the motto can be translated as: "learn, teach, discover new things")
(Co-founded with Elisavet Kavagiou)

Coming soon :-)

Coming (not so) soon ;-)

Framework for online wholesale marketplaces

This is a framework that we have designed and developed with Elisavet Kavagiou in [~2007-2008]. Its purpose is to support large wholesale e-shops, with tens of thousands of products. The focus is on Business to Business transactions (B2B) between the wholesaler and the retailers that he is working with. The main problem that we address is the management of the huge number of products (ranging from 10,000 to 100,000s of products) a typical wholesaler is offering. The huge number of products and the fast pace that new products are added or old products are removed from the stock of a wholesaler results in many wholesalers not even providing a (complete) online catalogue of their products. Our solution allows the fast creation of eshops that can support that magnitude of products, easy generation of online catalogues and online management of the available products.


Development of the e-shop for the wholesale company "SIDAL S.A.", the oldest and one of the larger suppliers of iron and steel in Crete [~2008-2009].

Taxiarchis Bros S.A.

Development of the e-shop for the wholesale company "Taxiarchis Bros S.A.", which specializes in supplying components for making all kinds of jewelry and accessories [~2007-2008].

Ticket Reservations System

My first major project back in [~2003-2005]. During this project I worked with Dr. Theologos Kelessoglou, who helped me learn a great deal of Soft. Engineering principles for building large software projects. I was responsible for most parts of the system design and development of the "System for reservation management and ticket printing" for Eugen Foundation. A large project, which was followed by the design and development of the "Sub-System for Online Analytical Processing of reservations data" and the "System for reservation management and Online Analytical Processing" [~2005-2006].

Unfortunately, I have no screenshots of the system.. So much work lost in the river of time... This is one of the main reasons I created this page, so I will never again lose track of what I have created.

ECE Alumni

This is not a commercial product or project. Just an extremely simple Alumni site for the school of Electrical and Computer Engineering, of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, that I have created (together with Elisavet Kavagiou) back in 2006. The twist of the particular Alumni site is that it is a directory of all past students doing postgraduate studies (or are researchers/academics) outside of Greece. The purpose of the site is to allow current students to find people that have studied abroad in order to ask for information, etc.

I include it in this page in order to showcase what can be easily achieved in 2-3 weeks of development time ;-)